by nature.

Sensorium embraces the biological complexity of the human brain and nature to develop breakthrough medicines to address a growing unmet medical need in mental health and neurological diseases.

  by nature

Sensorium is embracing the complexity of nature and the human brain to bring forth modern psychoactive medicines to improve life with mental illness.

De-risking drug discovery to deliver breakthrough medicines.

Sensorium’s groundbreaking Biodynamic Discovery Platform™ (BDP) de-risks the drug development process—bringing together cutting-edge chemistry, neuroscience, and machine learning to identify and advance safe and effective neuroactive medicines inspired by human use of natural compounds.

Expanding the
treatment landscape.

Sensorium was founded by a team of world-class trailblazers in chemistry, neuroscience, and psychiatry from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. The company is led by industry veterans with drug discovery, development, and commercial expertise.