Tapping nature to create best-in-class CNS medicines.

Sensorium is leveraging cutting-edge chemistry, neuroscience, and machine learning to develop transformational modern medicines that meet the growing need for better CNS treatments with fewer side effects.
Over 1 billion people worldwide experience mental illness or neurological disease, and existing treatments can carry serious side effects and risks, work marginally or not at all for some patients.
The percentage of people in the U.S. who take prescription drugs for mental illness
The increase in prevalence of mental health/CNS disorders since 1990
The annual economic cost of untreated mental illness in the United States
The spot brain disorders occupy on the list of the largest sources of death worldwide
At Sensorium, our approach to treating CNS disorders leverages knowledge of natural compounds in humans for centuries to advance novel chemical entities (NCEs) capable of transforming the current treatment paradigm.

We use an innovative approach to discover new mechanisms, cultivate new solutions, and offer new hope.

It's time to go beyond surviving to thriving!