Surya Reis, PhD


Surya is a consultant at Sensorium Therapeutics. She advises Sensorium and the R&D team predominantly about neurobiology and the integration of Sensorium’s Platform activities between the different departments. Surya is the Programs & Innovations Manager for Stephen Haggarty’s academic lab at MGH and a Senior Neuroscientist and Project Leader at MGH’s Center for the Neuroscience of Psychedelics. Her expertise is in CNS drug discovery, neuronal assay development, and image and data analysis pipeline development. Initially studying Biology (with an emphasis on botany) and Mathematics in Germany, Surya received a B.Sc. in Human Genetics at University College London and then a Ph.D. in Clinical Genetics at Erasmus MC/ University Rotterdam.

Scientific Co-Founders


Senior Director, Head of Computational Biology
Research Associate II, Neurobiology
Senior Research Associate, Neuroscience
Chief of Staff and Co-Founder
Senior Research Associate, Neurobiology
CEO and Co-Founder
Director, Neurobiology
Associate Director, Finance
Chief Scientific Officer
Senior Scientist, Computational Biology
Senior Manager, Finance
Scientist I, Computational Biology
Director, Drug Discovery
Vice President, Finance