Michael Placzek, PhD

Director, Preclinical Development

Michael is Director of Drug Discovery at Sensorium Therapeutics, where he is responsible for all phases of drug development from hit-to-lead (natural product selection) through lead optimization and preclinical studies. Prior to joining Sensorium, Michael had completed a PhD in organic chemistry at Northeastern University followed by a NIDA-sponsored postdoctoral fellowship focused on drug abuse and neuroimaging. Michael later joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital as an Assistant Professor in Radiology. He also served as Director of Pharmacology at the MGH Martinos Center Chemical Neuroscience Program. As principal investigator Michael focused on the study of human brain diseases with translational molecular imaging. His research leveraged neuroimaging techniques such as PET and MRI to better understand unique pharmacology of CNS-active compounds. At Sensorium, Michael’s knowledge of neuropsychopharmacology and medicinal chemistry will help accelerate the translation of CNS-active natural products to the clinic to alleviate mental health suffering. Michael received his PH.D in Organic Chemistry from Northeastern University.
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