Enhanced molecules and next generation modern medicine.

Sensorium’s Biodynamic Discovery Platform™ identifies new, promising drug leads for therapeutics inspired by human use of natural compounds that address unmet medical needs not presently addressed by standard of care.    

Inspired by nature, enhanced for humans.

Directed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, our unique approach starts with evidence based on human use and focuses on impact on the human brain at every step, ensuring reliable translation of results from the natural compound to new molecule generation and to the clinic.

Next-gen tools to better treat a complex system.

Bringing together the latest chemistry, neuroscience, and machine learning approaches, our product engine has the power to continually identify naturally occurring neuroactive compounds and optimize these molecules for greater efficacy and safety as modern medicines.

Our library of >300,000 natural compounds for molecular screening forms the foundation for our lead discovery work. The library was systematically built by curating ethnobotanical history, mapping all entities to modern medical concepts and taxonomies, and integrating millions of bioassays that provide an initial profiling of target biology. Our library is ever-growing, as we utilize custom AI models to isolate and interpret all digitized evidence of natural compound human use.

Our predictive knowledge network of neuroactive molecules and their potential therapeutic use drives program development and nomination of drug candidates. Data outputs from the library and screening assays feed into proprietary machine learning algorithms, iteratively improving and accelerating the process of drug discovery by simulating therapeutic outcomes and classifying mechanism of action. This growing system continually reveals families of plants that produce neuroactive compounds, expanding our available options in building better medicines.

iPSC neuronal assays: We extensively characterize drug molecules of interest in human cell systems that mimic complex tissue behaviors. This results in the identification of diverse mechanisms of action, higher relevancy of hits from screening, and better translation from preclinical data to clinical trials.

Altogether, this results in a rigorous discovery process that quickly and efficiently identifies differentiated leads and eliminates false positives early in the process, de-risking our assets and supporting a strong pipeline.

We are advancing treatments that offer better efficacy and safety than current treatments, validated by human use as well as clinical data, including those that demonstrate:
  • Anxiolytic effects
  • A clean safety profile
  • Rapid onset
  • Non-sedating properties 

Our pipeline

Best-in-class and differentiated pipeline derived from Sensorium's product engine.

The 3 ongoing programs have blockbuster potential for the treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, and Alzheimer's disease. 

The most advanced program, SENS-01, is a highly selective fast-acting anxiolytic without sedation and differentiated from standard of care. SENS-01 is presently in IND-enabling studies. We plan to enter the clinic in 1Q2025 for the treatment of social anxiety disorder (3rd most common psychiatric disease, affecting 8% of the US population) with an opportunity to expand into generalized anxiety disorder and depression.

Our second program, SENS-03, is designed to address both epilepsy and the co-morbidity of anxiety present in >30% of epileptic patients. SENS-03 is moving towards a development candidate in 1Q2025.

Our third program is focused on developing cognition enhancer in AD. This program was kicked off recently following a $3M NIH SBIR grant award based on the compound hits identified by the platform. This program is fully funded for the next 2 years.
Phase 1
SENS-01 shows promise to deliver rapid therapeutic effect for treating anxiety. Sensorium is developing SENS-01 as a rapid-acting and well-tolerated therapeutic for patients with anxiety and depression.
SENS-01 shows promise to deliver rapid therapeutic effect for treating anxiety. Sensorium is developing SENS-01 as a rapid-acting and well-tolerated therapeutic for patients with anxiety and depression and expects to begin IND-enabling studies in 2023 and enter the clinic by early 2024.
phase 1