Gavin Daigle, PhD

Director, Neurobiology

Gavin is Director of Neurobiology at Sensorium Therapeutics, where he [leads Neurobiology and Translational Sciences]. Before joining Sensorium, Gavin served as Associate Director of Biology and Translational Sciences at Remix Therapeutics. Prior he held senior scientific roles at Neuron23 and Abbvie, where he developed a deep knowledge of the drug discovery process. Gavin received his PH.D. in Human/Medical Genetics from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and his M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Alabama.

Scientific Co-Founders


Senior Director, Head of Computational Biology
Research Associate II, Neurobiology
Senior Research Associate, Neuroscience
Chief of Staff and Co-Founder
Senior Research Associate, Neurobiology
CEO and Co-Founder
Director, Neurobiology
Associate Director, Finance
Chief Scientific Officer
Senior Scientist, Computational Biology
Senior Manager, Finance
Scientist I, Computational Biology
Director, Drug Discovery
Vice President, Finance